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An attempt has been made la this monograph to present

and analyse the culture of the Gadabas of Raja Cfacruvu Vafasa

covering the social and economic aspects of their life. This does

cot attempt to be comprehensive.

The Gadabas have some distinct cultural traits such as

customs., traditions and language. They have also their own voca-

tions and religion. They have institutions of self-government within

the tribe besides modes of conduct and behaviour. Their life style

has a certain individuality. All these distinguish them from other

tribes and non-tribal population.

The Chief method adopted for the purpose of this study

consisted primarily of close association with the villagers by frequ-

ent visits and eliciting information by oral interview. A question-

naire, brief and simple* was also used to get precise data bearing om

sociological and economic aspects; trained undergraduates collected

information by door to door survey of all the households. The

survey was a benchmark, covered data as on 31st December, 199L

Published material was consulted whenever possible.

I.   Location :

Rajacheruvu Yalasa is a hamfet of Dibbaguddi Valasa in

Bobbili Mandal of Vizianagaram District, Andfara Pradesh. It lies

if a distance of four kilometres fr^m B^bbffi Town, Bqt tfaqr^ is